Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Screaming Viking

Lasciate ogni speranza voi ch'entrate


For the past couple weeks I have been battling a problem… A couple of the machines in the business lab suddenly couldn’t boot…they would flash that folder with a ? symbol, meaning they could find no boot disk.  How is this possible?  In that lab we dual boot windows and OSx, in order to do […]

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School Tech

After my 2nd full summer and going in to my 2nd year at the school I’ve finally had some time to begin to set thing up more to my way of thinking.  Not that I think in necessarily the “right” way…it just makes more sense to me. My first summer I installed a wireless system […]

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Wrap up

I have started posting my in season stuff on the school blog site, so I didn’t get much up here this football season.  I’ll finish with some end of year thoughts that I didn’t really want to put on the school site. One of the biggest things I did this year that is quite a […]

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Jr. High FB vs Harvey

19 days seems like a long time, but that’s how long it took us to get our 9 (we had 10) practices before the first game.  Finally, the time came where we could crack some pads against a live opponent.  Coach Bedlion and I were pretty happy with where the boys are at this point […]

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Here we go…

Here we go again… I signed up at the gym in town here yesterday and put 30min on the elliptical.  I’ve also adjusted what I eat back to where it needs to be on the quest to drop a ton.  I’ve expanded quite a bit and need to get things back under control.  The plan […]

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Why do you need…

It’s not often I post something political on the facebooks.  Recently, with all the stupid over the top gun crap going on both ways, I posted a link to an article from the in-forum.  That article talked about one guy that accidentally shot another guy.  They were buddies but had some kind of argument, one guy […]

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This commercial brought back memories of the old man

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Man of Steel

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Star Trek: Into Darkness

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Iron Man 3

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