Friday, March 6, 2015

The Screaming Viking

Lasciate ogni speranza voi ch'entrate

Fixing Shit

JFC I get sick of fixing shit.  It’s probably a by product of my job.  I do put out some fresh new stuff, take on projects…that’s interesting, but fixing shit over and over again is getting old in a hurry.  It’s not so much a problem that things break, or even that a single person […]

Sled again…

Got the compression tester a day early.  I was in a hurry to check things out so I rushed out to the garage as soon as I got home after work.  The good news is, there is still compression (as was obvious because it started…) but it was quite a bit off from what it […]

Wrap up

I have started posting my in season stuff on the school blog site, so I didn’t get much up here this football season.  I’ll finish with some end of year thoughts that I didn’t really want to put on the school site. One of the biggest things I did this year that is quite a […]

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Jr. High FB vs Harvey

19 days seems like a long time, but that’s how long it took us to get our 9 (we had 10) practices before the first game.  Finally, the time came where we could crack some pads against a live opponent.  Coach Bedlion and I were pretty happy with where the boys are at this point […]

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Basketball season is pretty much over for me, so I’m going to see about doing a little more “writing” again. I had taken my websites offline for awhile. I am going to leave my coaching one offline for a bit yet still, but this one can be dedicated to random thoughts…just like it was always […]

Star Trek: Into Darkness

I have been looking forward to this flick for quite some time now.  I’ve seen all the other star trek movies, and they were kind of hit and miss…most of TNG’s attempts were horrible, there never has been a substitute for the original cast.  With the reboot in 2009, new actors playing the original characters […]

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I don’t work on stuff enough to justify 1k for a store bought lift, but for the cost of some hardware this looks like a workable solution.  It wouldn’t stand up to shop type conditions, but I lift stuff maybe 10 times a year.  I think this would be damn near ideal for me.

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Minority Spiderman

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Man of Steel

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Star Trek: Into Darkness

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