Monday, April 27, 2015

The Screaming Viking

Lasciate ogni speranza voi ch'entrate

Disappearing Homes

It looks like I’ve figured out what is causing user’s home directories to be deleted…but hell if I know why.  During my time learning how open directory works in a mac environment, I have moved things around between servers a bit.  For awhile things were running on server1, then I had to move to server3…etc. […]

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Kodiak Diff

Checked out the bearings in the front diff on the Kodiak yesterday.  They were all nice and shake in them at all.  It seems like an awful waste to pull out good bearings for…new ones.  I ordered the rear seal.  I’ll pop that off and see how things look.  If I have to replace […]

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Man, I think this season of high school basketball burnt me out a little bit.  I’m taking a little longer to get back in to sports again than usual.  Most of the time I’d be bored out of my mind in those couple hours after school that practice took up.  Now I’m messing with things […]

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Wrap up

I have started posting my in season stuff on the school blog site, so I didn’t get much up here this football season.  I’ll finish with some end of year thoughts that I didn’t really want to put on the school site. One of the biggest things I did this year that is quite a […]

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Cleaning up

Moving back to the farm was a bit of a PITA.  It’s not like moving in to an empty house you bought from someone…my mother still had a lot of stuff in the house.  It wasn’t all her’s, some was dad’s or kc’s but there was really no place to put it reasonably.  We put […]

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Went out on the first quadding expedition of the spring with some buddies.  We started about 1130 and finished up around 730 covering close to 80 miles, with lots of refreshment breaks in between.  We did manage to find a bit of mud and snow along the way. I’ve gone on a few rides with […]

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Because I saw it, you have to see it…

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Minority Spiderman

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Man of Steel

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Star Trek: Into Darkness

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