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The rise in fuel prices coupled with the very nice spring has made it easy to get the bike out earlier than normal.  This year I didn’t turn off the petcock on the gas tank.  Normally I would turn the valve off and drain the gas from the carbs, fill up the tank and be ready to rock.  Come the next year I would drain the tank, put fresh gas in and let it flow into the carbs.  The potential downside with that is the seals and everything can get dry in the carbs.  This year I decided to let the gas sit there.  It seems to have had no negative repercussions so far.

Living on the farm, I have more gravel to travel than I did across town while I was working in fargo.  Last summer there were quite a few wet days and without chaps I wasn’t able to ride to work while keeping my work clothes decent.  I did buy a cheap pair of chaps, but they are cheap and don’t fit my ample ass at all.  This year, I decided to go a different route.  Any pair of chaps to fit me were going to be quite expensive, so instead I decided to get myself a pair of unlined Carhartt bib overalls.  If you are familiar with Carhartt at all you know they make a quality product.  I bought them in black so it wouldn’t be such a stark contrast to my black leather jacket.  As douche as it sounds, they actually work quite well.  They are comfortable to wear and seem to do the job just fine.  It is a bit of a PITA to have to put these on and take them off at work…but in the grand scheme of things it’s a small trade off.  I am going from 15 or so mpg to 30ish.  I enjoy the relaxing bike ride both before and after work more than I enjoy driving the truck in.  Overall I think it will work out for a little bit.  Not sure what I’m going to do when/if I have to start hauling a baby around…might have to strap a milk crate to the back of the bike.  Should be able to find a small helmet somewhere….

I did find my old motorcycle blog quite useful as I was trying to figure out what adjustments I had made at the end of last year.  It looks like I hadn’t sync’d up the carbs or completed the individual PMS adjustment for each jug.  That makes sense because with the move I wouldn’t have had my gauges or tach until way later.  Right now I’m not even sure where my tach is…hopefully in my toolbox.  I wouldn’t be terribly heart broken if I had to buy another one, the one I did have only registers 1/2 of the actual RPMs…I’m not entirely sure what the technical reason is for that.

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