Game of Thrones (TV)

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The second season of game of thrones started up on HBO a few weeks ago.  The first season was pretty good so I expected the second to be at least as good.  There are some challenges as the show gets rolling for this season.  There is getting to be more and more need for CGI.  They are going to have to try and create the dragons some how as well as the dire wolves.  They are getting too big to be able to be played by huskies or whatever dog they are using.

I mentioned it last year and it still remains true…I shouldn’t watch this series.  What they are doing on T.V. does not even compare to the books.  The story is so much richer and detailed than what the 10-12 episode seasons can really convey.  The Arya story where she was traveling with the group to the wall was butchered.  Mainly, the things I have issue with are areas where the story is chopped up because of time constraints.  Hopefully I can separate the book from the movie and not constantly compare the 2, but I don’t have a whole lot of faith in that.

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