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The first block buster of the summer was released this past weekend.  Fortunately enough it was playing at the local theater so the kid and I were able to catch it Sunday evening.  If you are in to the comic book genre, this is, so far, the top of the mountain as far as these movies go.  They have taken years to build up to this point, starting with Iron man, Hulk, Iron man 2, Thor and Captain America.  All of those films were building up to this point.  And it did not disappoint.

People don’t go in to this film expecting an oscar worthy performance.  You expect action, some dialoge and techno speak, more action…and more ass kicking action.  I do expect to have some story, nothing thought provoking but at least something that passes the initial comic book sniff test.  If you are not a comic book movie fan I can’t really explain what that is…watch any transformers movie then watch avengers…that is probably the best illustration of the “sniff test” I can give.  Transformers fails miserably, Avengers passes.  I came in to this expecting to be blown away by the fight scenes and laugh at some witty/funny lines…that’s exactly what I got.  There were two “slow” parts of the movie, one of which (the interrogation scene with black widow and Loki) that when it was over fit well into the movie.  For the most part though, it was action and one liners.

A few nerd gripes with the movie…none of which detracted from my enjoyment.  I would have liked to see ed norton come back as the hulk.  He did a very good job as bruce banner and I was disappointed not to see him back.  The new guy (Mark Ruffalo) did a good job, but he doesn’t have that “snap at any moment psycho” look that ed norton has.  Also, I thought the hulk looked a little better in Incredible Hulk.  He looked taller, more massive and just more of a rage filled ball of muscle.  In Avengers he looked a bit more “friendly” I suppose.

There were a few laughs to be had during this flick as well.  A couple of scenes with the hulk were pretty funny and some one liners between the heroes themselves were pretty good.  Overall, it’s a decent flick.

The next movie I’m looking forward to is Prometheus.  Hopefully that’s in botno opening weekend as well.

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