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JFC I get sick of fixing shit.  It’s probably a by product of my job.  I do put out some fresh new stuff, take on projects…that’s interesting, but fixing shit over and over again is getting old in a hurry.  It’s not so much a problem that things break, or even that a single person will ask me something…it’s the 20th person of the day that gets on my nerves.  It’s the first time they have spoken to me, but it’s the 100th complaint I’ve taken that day.  It gets old.  On top of that, factor in that I live on an old farmstead and I’m working through getting some of the old equipment running again…I’m constantly fixing shit.  The snowmobile is just the latest example of an old piece of equipment I’m trying to resurrect.  This spring though, I’m hoping things don’t need too much work.  The quads should be good to go, the boat will need a throttle/transmission cable…but outside of that it ran well last year.  I do need to monkey with the bobcat bucket, I’ll have to redo the pins and bushings…also need to do something about the bobtach, so that will be a bitch.  Outside of that, I’m hoping things hold together.

Things were different back in the day when the old man was doing this though.  His brother was helping him on the farm.  Myself at sam’s age (15) could take care of the menial bullshit (cutting grass being the biggie)…but these women can’t seem to really help out with that stuff.  I remember when the 3 wheeler or lawnmower broke, I’d at least try to fix stuff before involving the old man.  If I did have to involve him I’d be right there helping…maybe at times all I did was hand him tools, but it was something.  I severely underestimated the amount of help I’d get from the women doing things around here.  I’m hoping they are able to kick in a little more this summer…at least with the grass.  Of course if I get everything else running, I won’t have to spend so much time tinkering with shit and will be able to burn 1/2 a day cutting grass.  Have to see how it goes I guess!

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