No Comments on Kingsman

I caught an afternoon showing of Kingsman today.  For a February release it was a pretty good flick.  It was a kind of more edgy james bond.  A few F bombs and more like how people talk in the real world.  The action was a bit fantastical, and aside from the really screwy sequence at the end, was enjoyable.  I don’t necessarily recommend seeing this one in theaters, but it’s very much worth a rental or PPV.  I think they set it up pretty nicely for a sequel, and I could see a profitable and generally enjoyable series coming out of this.

There was a sequence at the end that people did consider a little over the top.  I was ready for it, and while I didn’t think the phrasing fit very well…I did think the over all feeling of the scene fit well.  When they were done with the carnage, he grabs a champagne bottle and 2 glasses…then heads off to get his reward.  I thought that fit right in with the flow of the movie.

Overall though, it was a good flick and I don’t feel I wasted money.

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