Cleaning up

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Moving back to the farm was a bit of a PITA.  It’s not like moving in to an empty house you bought from someone…my mother still had a lot of stuff in the house.  It wasn’t all her’s, some was dad’s or kc’s but there was really no place to put it reasonably.  We put a good share of our stuff in the garage.  We didn’t really have any place to put anything, so we sat stuck with all this crap and no place to put it.

My mother bought herself another shed from the school.  The building trades classes build them and sell them to the public.  Unfortunately the way her house in town is setup we were not able to move it to the back yard.  This left me with an extra shed I needed to get to the farmstead.  (getting it moved out there is another story altogether).

Once I had the shed set down, I added a “2nd floor” to it.  The majority of our storage was going to be boxes and crap like that so the 2nd floor will let me store way more stuff.  Yesterday since we had a day off from school the kid and I started on the garage.  By the time we were finished we’d hauled 3 small trailers of shit from the garage to the shed and 2 full loads of garbage in the truck.

At this point, the place is pretty good.  Now I have to go around and clean out the individual racks and the bench.  All of which are pretty much unusable at this point.

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