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After an exhaustive and frustrating search, I believe I have found the tires I’m going to get for the cat.  One of the big issues up here is that I ride so many varied terrains so I need a tire that will handle all of that decently.  They need to be thick enough to not end up with sidewall punctures from every little branch in the brush, their tread needs to be able to handle mud decently and they need to be able to handle some road driving without wearing out right away.

Initially I thought I had identified my tire, but then I started looking at the specs from the manufacturer.  As I’ve said before, the cat is rated to haul 1000lbs in the box, the machine itself weights about 1400lbs with fluids, then add in passengers.  It’s easy to see that when working it can be over 2500lbs without too much trouble for a bit.  I do have at least 1 spot where I’m going to be hauling dirt for a day.  There is another where I -might- use it to haul gravel…we’ll see how it handles the dirt.  If I use it to haul gravel it’s going to be a couple of days and many many trips.  The tires I was looking at were rated for 470 at the rear and 390 on the front for a total of 1720lbs capacity.  Clearly that’s under weight, so I assume they would handle 2k together if need be.  Granted that would work for probably 90% of the use of this machine, but it’s the 10% that is going to be the most frustrating and not the times I want to be dealing with tire failure.

I contacted the salesman and expressed my concern.  I told him what terrain I’d be riding on, the main use for the machine…etc.  He recommended the lighter tire I was looking at and even a couple other light tires if I wasn’t interested in the first suggestion.  His justification was that he has customers that use the tire on their Polaris RZR’s and they have no problems.  He also said the RZR’s are heavier than my machine.  I was on the fence until his last statement, the cat is a couple hundred pounds heavier than the RZR, plus it’s designed to haul 2x as much in the box.  I’m not sure why this guy would give me information that seems pretty easy to disprove.  Had he stopped at “we have many side by sides that run those tires without issue” I’d have been fine.  Maybe add in “this tire is competitive as well, rated at an acceptable weight but is a little more expensive…”  Then I would come away with the feeling that I can trust this guy.  As it was, the information that he “knows” is in conflict with the information on the tire manufacturer’s site as well as the cat’s specs.

I decided that I will go with the heavier tire from the same manufacturer.  They have a different pattern, much more like the maxxis big horn 2.0 instead of kenda’s own design…but I’m alright with that.  The weight they can handle was more important to me.  I can mess with air pressure in them to adjust the ride comfort depending on what I’m doing.

Kind of a pain having to change tires right away, but that’s the way it is with used equipment.

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