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For awhile now I have been trying to work out a way to get my phone last the entire day.  If I don’t touch it, it lasts fine…but that kinda defeats the purpose.  I use a podcast app (podcaster) and use a bluetooth ear piece.  Generally I have something going on through that all day.  It would chew through battery pretty bard.  I tried to use a wireless charger with it.  I thought if maybe I could just set it on the charger while I’m in my office, that would handle things for me.  I don’t have to deal with a cord…and it still charges.  The wireless charger was hard to line up through my otter box.  If I took that off it worked better but it was still a pain in the ass.  I put in an extended battery in there and while that worked the case was awfully bulky.  On top of that, when I went back to the regular battery the phone suddenly wouldn’t work right.  I don’t know if the extended battery was a little wider or something so the stock battery no longer fit properly in the case…dunno.

I ended up getting a warranty replacement on that phone.  Some idiot dropped it in the water while he was out 4wheeling…

The new one came and I decided to use it without the extended battery.  I plugged it in for awhile..and decided to deal with the same old hassle for a bit.  After about a week, suddenly the phone didn’t want to charge anymore.  It would sit plugged in over night and gain maybe 45%.  In my desperation to have some sort of noise in my ear, I dug out my ipod and installed podcaster on that.  I paired that with my earpiece and away I go.

This ear piece has a feature that allows it to be paired with two devices.  I pair it with the phone, then turn off the “media” connection…then pair it with something else.  I usually do it with the computer but for whatever reason I couldn’t get it to switch over to the phone properly when a call came in…and whatever was going on the computer would continue, plus it would pop up iTunes.  I expect the device sent the “pause” command, but that gets intercepted by iTunes so…it doesn’t work quite like i’d like.

While I had it on the ipod, I decided to pair it with the phone.  A call came in but didn’t ring through the ear piece..fine whatever.  I hit the button to take the call.  The noise in my ear stops and it takes a couple seconds to switch to the phone.  I hear the beeps and I’m good to talk.  When the call disconnects, it connects back to the ipod and picks up right where it stopped.  Worked exactly like I expected it to.

I RMA’d the phone…a couple hours after the RMA went through, the phone started charging again..weird.

I’ve been running the ipod/phone setup like this all day and the phone is only down 15%.  I’ve had 3 calls come in and they switch over like they should.  When I get the new phone I’ll keep this setup.  Using 2 devices like this is a little hassle, but they are small enough that I don’t notice them in my pocket.

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