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So…I could use a different trailer.

I bought an 8×10 foot snowmobile trailer last year.  At the time I assumed I would use it for the sleds and to haul 2 quads…and when I did that it worked very well.  At that time I didn’t foresee buying a side by side.  Now, the side by side will fit on the trailer and that’s it.  Also, it’s a pain in the ass.  The trailer is a tilt bed.  If I tilt the bed there is too much pressure on the transmission of the cat that I can’t shift gears to get it off there.  If I don’t tilt it, I’d need to use a ramp.  Also the trailer tilts backwards just a little bit when it’s sitting normally.  If I put it in neutral, then go to unstrap everything the fuckin’ cat will roll of the back and drag me 1/2 way down the god damn trailer while I’m trying to keep the mother fucker from rolling off and running in to parked vehicles behind me…not that it ever happened.  Also, the sled trailer doesn’t have the weight rating to haul both the cat and a quad.

Ideally, I’d like to have an aluminum trailer that could haul both the SxS and a couple of quads.  That would give me the “future” expansion to be able to haul 2 SxS’s.  I figure I’d need an 8.5’x14′ double axel trail to be able to do that.  They run about 2 grand.  That’s a lot of freekin money for something that would probably give me 2 trips “somewhere” over my current setup.

I do have a 16′ homemade trailer that the old man put together years ago.  We used this for basic farm stuff, hauling some hay, junk…etc.  Recently, I used it to haul a shed from town to the farmstead.  It held up well for this trip.  I was probably 16 or so when he built this thing, so it’s been chugging away for 20 years now…but it doesn’t have the total amount of miles on it over it’s entire life that I will be putting on a trailer the 2nd weekend in June during a single trip.  I’ve thrown some things around to try and make this work to fit my needs.  I’ll need to wire it up for lights, put chains on it and redo the bearings…none of which are too difficult.  The “hard” part is lowering the bed.  Right now it’s a “deck over”, meaning the deck is “over” the wheels.  My initial thought was to drop the deck down to the axels.  This would help lower the hitch a bit which would help it trail a little better.  This would also potentially turn it in to a trailer I could use for my bobcat.  I would also need a set of fenders.

This trailer doesn’t exactly suite my needs.  It’s 16′ long but only 6′ wide.  This would allow me to load at least 1 quad across the trailer, but I’d have to drive the cat up on the trailer straight.  I don’t think there would be enough space left to load another quad.  On the upside, the cost of making this thing workable is about 3-400 bucks and probably two days worth of work.

Lowering the bed would be a bitch.  The U bolts are rusted solid, so I would need to cut them off and put new ones on.  I don’t have a torch right now that could handle this, maybe I could grind them off…but what a pain in the ass.  Today I thought I could build a dove tail for the end of the trailer.  Maybe 3 feet long  with something like a 1.5 foot drop or so should handle things fine.  This would also give me the added benefit of being able to use the ramps off of an old swather trailer to load whatever I want.  This trailer at that point would be able to haul anything from the quads to cars to the bobcat.  It isn’t necessary to add that right now, and I’d need to find someone else to weld it for me.  I have so much scrap iron around there that I’m sure I could find some C channel to add on the additional length.  A guy at work is a pretty good welder, I’m sure I could trade him something for the labor.  Also, adding that extra 3 feet might give me enough to haul that extra quad on there side ways.  I need about 8 feet or so to get everything on there the way it should be.

The final down side to using this trailer is it’s weight.  The damn thing is so much iron that it takes a grunt for the truck to pull it.  There is really no way to solve this situation.  I could go from the 2×12 boards down to plywood or something…but then it suddenly wouldn’t work for cars and the bobcat so that’s kind of a waste of money.

I go back and forth on this trailer.  The big problem in my mind is that it’s not exactly built for the road.  The axels and all that are not cobbled together, they were taken from “something” that was road worthy.  The welds are not professional, the old man wasn’t a great welder…but he did weld up all the farm equipment that held together through all the stress we put on it.  I have confidence that it will hold together going down the road.  There is one spot on the hitch that should be welded up again.  It hasn’t come apart, but there is a gap there that should be filled.  I got a small welder for xmas that would do the job…but it’s going to take a lot more practice to be able to weld good enough for hauling this thing at 75 down the road.

Like my previous post, more stuff more problems.  Now I’m working on building stuff to haul stuff…crazy.  We have a long weekend coming up, and my wife’s sister is apparently coming up so there should be plenty of people around to watch the kid.  I can work on moving things around to see how stuff would fit.

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