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Busy weekend…

I decided to buy a trailer instead of reworking what I have.  It cost me a bit more, but was suppose to save me time.

I went to Bismarck on Friday to pick it up.  It’s a homemade jobby but should work alright.  About 10 miles north of bismarck my truck took a shit on me.  The temp spiked.  I got it shut down and took a look…water everywhere.  I looked all over and couldn’t find a busted hose or leak around the engine anywhere.  I had a gallon of coolant in the truck.  I dumped that in, unhooked the trailer and limped back to town.  I had to shut her down every 2 miles or so to cool.  I ended up at tractor supply figuring they must have some coolant.  Yeah, they sure did to the tune of 12 bucks a gallon.  JFC.  Maybe it’s normally that much, dunno.  Given I was having problems and it had sprayed everything out I didn’t want to martgage the farm to fill it up again incase it just spit it out.  They had a case of water for 4 bucks…so I bought a few of them.  24 20oz bottles.  I dumped everything it would take in to the radiator, almost 3 gallons…along with the 1 gallon I put in earlier.  The system must have been damn near bone dry.  I ran it around a little bit, the gauge was fine and it wasn’t blowing coolant out.  With no other real options, I headed back north to get the trailer and try to make it home.  Long story short, I made it almost all the way home before I had problems again.  Exactly the same issue about a mile from the house.  I limped back to the yard.  Once I got to the house I saw that not only did it blow out all the water, I had 2 flat tires on the trailer…christ.

Saturday morning I hauled the tires in to get fixed and pick up both a radiator cap and thermostat for the truck.  I’m hoping the thermostat is sticking and not letting coolant return to the radiator.  This would cause whatever is in the engine to “super heat” and potentially blow back through the radiator cap…at least that’s my line of thinking.  It took a good chunk of the morning to get the tires fixed.  After I got back home, I bolted the tires back up and tore in to the truck.  I popped the hose off and cleaned things up, then reassembled.  It started fine, and the temp gauge didn’t really seem to move.  Whatever, I’ll screw with it later.  I moved on to putting the kid’s bike back together.

The kid’s bike was old, so it’s not entirely surprising that the top end needed to be redone.  It would have been nice if we could have gotten a season out of it before it went down…but oh well.  I had kind of an issue getting parts.  I ordered a piston that was .50mm over stock..turns out I needed one that was 1.50mm over stock.  Once that was sorted it, it took the shop a couple days to get to the jug.  Looking at things, it seems like they do good work.  They had to mill the head a little bit, but no biggie.  The cost of doing this was quite a bit more than I expected though.  They will “hone” a cylinder for 40 bucks, but apparently boring it out falls under shop rates.  I ended up kicking out 150 for this job.  On the upside, everything is machined out to fit right so, provided we keep adding oil to it, it should last us long enough to go through both Sam and Kaci really.  Putting things back together went fine.  The only part I was short of was an exhaust bolt.  I found one that fit so no biggie.  The bike fired right up and ran like I expected.  It didn’t have quite the power that I expected…but I’m 2x the size I was when I last road a 175…so that probably has quite a bit to do with it.  It still winds up really nice, does 70 without a lot of effort.

By the time that was done the women were going in to town for the evening, so it was the kaci and me for the rest of the evening.  I still had garbage to haul and I was going to clean up the junk yard our yard was starting to resemble.  I hauled an old broken down trailer and 3wheeler over to the farm.  When we got there I started emptying garbage out of the cat…I came across the thermostat and tossed it behind me in to the trashing thinking “that was awfully shinny”…then I found the old thermostat.  Turns out I’d reassembled the truck without putting the new one in.  I’d put on the gasket, but didn’t actually drop the thermostat in.  JFC.

Sunday I decided I better go get another one.  They are cheap and I didn’t want to wait 2 more days incase I needed the truck…I was hoping to float the boat monday.  Given we live in a town that rolls up the streets on sunday, I had to go to minot.  Not a real big deal as I took my bike…it did burn 3.5-4hrs worth of the day though.  I got back and put the thermostat in…the truck warmed up like I expected and seemed to be alright.  I’ll have to drive it quite a bit to see if this actually fixes the problem.  The wife had bought a fridge for my meat house so we went to town and got that…then I continued with the yard clean up.  Hauling old equipment to the scrap iron and moving trailers back off the yard….jesus what a mess.  I hooked the boat up and wanted to hear the motor so I knew what I’d need to do to get that running right.  To my utter amazement, it popped right off.  The engine sounded good, the transmission was working properly…I was impressed.  I pulled the boat behind the truck a few miles and it didn’t heat up, it’ll take more of a test than that though.  I’m hoping to haul mom’s vw bug to minot for some repairs on Thursday so that will be a good test.

Monday I got up at the ass crack of dawn to put the flags out at the church.  The kid needed to play in the marching band for the parade so I hauled her ass to town.  After that I was working on the trailer that I use for the fuel tanks.  It is an old home made trailer the old man built for hauling snowmobiles.  I put new OSB on it, aired up the tires and put a new hitch coupler on it.  I had a couple of service tanks laying around, so I threw a 150 gallon one on there for diesel and a 75 gallon one on for gas.  The 150 is long enough that it goes from one support to the next, but the 75 is so short it sits right between the supports.  This wasn’t causing me problems yet, but sooner or later that tank was going to break through the OSB.  I cut some 2×4’s and used that for the tank to sit on, then built a little frame around the bottom of it.  This will hold the tank in place when I transport it…I was using tie down straps.  They worked, but they kind of get in the way when you run out the hoses or pump it.  I’ll get a couple of eye loops and run a small chain over the top of it so it stays in place.  It’s not a problem when it sits there, or even when it’s full…but when they are empty they jump around quite a bit on that shitty old trailer.  After finishing that up and clearing more stuff off that yard, I went in the house for a nap.  Just as I walked in the door the wife called.  Her sister had forgot her wallet and was wondering if I could run it to minot for her…  Sooo back on my bike and 3.5hrs later I made it back to the farm.  My mother was coming out for supper and the wife had managed to get herself so drunk the night before that she still couldn’t see straight.  Instead of catching a few min nap or a shower (which I badly needed at this point) I had to clean up dishes and get the grill going.  Once ma left I had to haul garbage and go take the flags out at the church.  The kid had been working all day and didn’t get home till after 8.  I fired up the grill again to get her something to eat.  She hosed off…and had a pretty significant stomach problem.  It was bad enough that the wife took her in to town for a dr. visit.  They took some x-rays and prescribed her some remedies to fix the clogged pipes….I finally got things shut down about midnight.

It’s good to get back to the office so I can have a bit of a break…jfc.

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