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Last week I had identified that when I get another quad, I was going to get an arctic cat.  There are some technical reasons that I think they will work a bit better for what I want to do.  From everything I’ve seen, they are much easier to snorkel, the gearing in the rear end is a little more favorable to playing around than the yamahas, and getting more horse power out of the engine is a couple of bolt in pieces with some programming/tuning.

I saw an ad for a 2007 arctic cat on Bisman.  After going back and forth with the guy, he ended up selling it someone else for a couple hundred more than I wanted to pay.  I looked around a bit more and found one at the same reseller I bought the HDX from last year.  It had 1500 less miles on it than the one on Bisman, same year.  I ended up going 100 more than I offered the other guy.  The shitter of the deal is I had to go to Wishek to pick it up.  It turns in to about a 7 hour drive there and back….so the day was completely shot.

I spent a good chunk of the day Saturday running around as well.  Swapping winter toys for summer toys…which always includes fixing a tire or two and messing with jump starting stuff.  Not a huge deal but each one adds a little more time to the project.  My jet ski was in storage as well.  Instead of hauling it back to the house I decided to put it up on bisman to see if anyone bites.  An hour after posting it, a guy was on his way from Williston to westope to have a look.  Couple hours after that it was sold.  I made a 66% profit on the ski without touching a wrench.  I was pretty happy with that.

I still have a 2006 polaris trailboss to put back together and an old yamaha grizzly that I’ll reassemble.  I’m hoping these two sell as fast as the jet ski.  The intention was to pay for the quad and mods with the money off of these 3 machines.  We’ll see how that goes.  I did end up selling a piece of old farm equipment which will pay for the tires.  I’m hoping to have this project only cost me time essentially.

I have identified the mods I’m going to do to the bike.  The issue now is finding the best deals on everything and getting it ordered up.  I’m going to snorkel it and relocate the radiator.  Tires, which have already been ordered and don’t require a tear down to install.  I’m going to change out the injector, computer, air filter exhaust and install a winch.  I’m going to hold off putting in a clutch kit for a little bit.  The kit would give me more low end power, but I’d lose out on top end speed.  I think the engine modifications will give me the power I’m looking for to play in the slop holes.  And if I decide the clutch needs to be changed out it can be done easily from the side without having to tear all the plastics off the bike.  I’m not going to do this in steps because of the tear down that is necessary to install/move everything.  I’ll get all the parts ordered, take off the plastics and install everything at the same time.  I’m going to do the snorkel myself instead of getting a kit.  It will be a little more effort identifying everything needed, but it is going to be about 50 bucks instead of 200.  I also  have a buddy that I’ve talked to about working on the radiator relocate for me.  That’s around 240 or so if I get a kit online and I expect to be able to do this as well for around 50 bucks in hoses and misc steel.

I’m looking forward to getting this thing done and seeing what she’ll do.  I’m not looking forward to the wait for parts…I’m very impatient.

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