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Said F’ it, ordered parts today.

  • Replacement ECU (computer)
  • Suzuki m109r replacement Injector
  • Air Temp sensor relocation kit
  • Slip on Exhust
  • Winch

I’m not sure when the ECU and sensor relocation kit will be here.  Those parts come from Canada…so hopefully not too terribly long.  I’m going to wait to tear it apart until the axel for the HDX comes, hopefully the end of this week…what a god damn hassle that thing has been.  I don’t want to have two immobile vehicles clogging up my garage.

I’m going to get some stills and video of the mods.  I haven’t seen a comprehensive guide to what I want to do on youtube.  I’m figuring on putting my stuff up as a series, broke out in to the different pieces.  Maybe it will help someone…maybe it will be troll fodder, who knows.

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