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DirecTV called up and gave me a free trial of HBO a couple months ago.  I’d all but forgot about it until after the first episode for season 6 of game of thrones.  So yesterday I watched both episodes yesterday.  Up until now I had been a guy that caught up on GoT after the season, or whenever I got the urge.  I am kinda interested in watching the show in real time now.  I like taking part in the discussions about what is going on and being able to read articles about the current season with an understanding of what they are talking about.

All during the off season the discussion revolved around if snow is alive.  I had forgotten that at the end of season 5 they showed him lying there bleeding out, but not dead yet.  I had read through the books before I got in to the tv series.  I was really shocked when they beheaded Ned, but the red wedding floored me.  It was at that point that I basically lost interest in reading the story.  This series takes the traditional idea of following a character and/or family and uses it against you.  Instead of being a story about a particular house, it is more a story of a realm.  The people living and dying tell the story, but the story itself isn’t about them so much as it’s about the world.  It’s tougher to be emotionally drawn in to what happens to a world instead of a family or person.

Watching the series, I started to follow along with snow.  It seems like he should be the “hero”, if there is any in this story.  Him being killed in the tv show would pretty much be the drop off point for me like the red wedding was in the books.  Anyone I followed or was emotionally invested in was dead…so who cares anymore.  Watching some interviews and reading through review/opinion articles it seemed like a lot of people would have been emotionally disconnected from the series if snow was permanently dead.  They had previously shown that it is possible to resurrect someone, Cersei seems to be guarded by a reanimated mountain, surely someone can put life back in to snow.  I had thought that somehow maybe the wolf would play in to it…maybe transition actors or something.  That would have been hard for people to follow as well, but it had to be -something-.  Then, at the end of season 2 we see the witch seemingly fail to bring him back.  As everyone left the room, and they showed the wolf sleeping a couple of times…you had to know he would take a gasp for breath.  Sure enough, the wolf raises it’s head excited, snow gasps.  Roll credits!

Him being resurrected is interesting in it’s implications.  Primarily, his duty to the night’s watch is completed.  They serve until death, he died…his “honor” is in tact and he can walk away.  The “whatever the hell they are” from the north is waiting inside the gates for something…maybe they know he’s coming back?  I didn’t quite get that part of it.  I assumed before he was stabbed to death he would form some kind of alliance between the watch and the things from the north to take on the threat from the dragons.  Maybe it’s simply him leading the north monsters instead of an alliance.  He’s got to reclaim Winterfell doesn’t he?  One bastard slaughtering another bastard for the north…then moving south.  Something like that I assume.  Beyond that, I don’t think Snow is truly a bastard.  I think ned kept his identity concealed so he wouldn’t be slaughtered.  I think he is Ned’s nephew, the son of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen.  I believe this is going to be shown in some manner through Bran’s visions.  We saw Lyanna (I think, I know he said “aunt” but I remember the name for certain) introduced in a “flash back” of sorts.  It’s going to be interesting to see if he can interact in these visions or if he is just an observer.  But whatever the case, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Snow’s parentage shown through this method initially.  I think this is the root of the “ice and fire” book series title.  Either the north’s conflict with the Targaryen’s or in reference to being about Snow directly…ice/fire lineage.  Or I might be off base…

What is going on in the iron islands is semi interesting as well.  Is dude’s brother going to seize power, or will it pass to the daughter.  I don’t see it going smoothly to the daughter, but time will tell.  Martin is a bit of a misogynist, or at least it seems like it to me.  At this point though, we might see a huge divergence between the books and the show.  I wonder if they will even end the same, it wouldn’t surprise me if they were different.  Actually, I expect Martin to die before the books are finished and we never really find out what his plan was.

I’m bored with the trials and tribulations of Ned’s daughters.  It’s getting repetitive.  One is going to be an assassin, the other is continually the poor damsel in distress.  The assassin needs to get with the training and killing…Sansa needs to eventually fight for herself instead of people saving her all the time…or she needs to die.  Either one would satisfy me with her character, right now she’s predictable and boring.  Like any woman in a marvel movie.

The struggle between the church and the crown is quite interesting as well.  Not a whole lot to stay about it, it’s just interesting.  I expect at some point the entirety of the church to be mercilessly slaughtered.  The Lannisters are corrupt, but given the church’s power grab…I look forward to the blood flowing.

Then all the stuff in the east..west..wherever the hell they are.  I really dig on the Tyrion, the way he manages people and sees things clearly from both sides.  It’s like he’s power hungry and out to screw everyone, but does have a conscience about it.  Is he going to be able to “control” the dragons?  That’s pretty fascinating to me.  I was getting a little bored with the story there.  As for Daenerys, eh..whatever.  She doesn’t seem able to rule.  She has shown that she can be ruthless, she can use her dragons and armies to destroy cities and set people free…but she doesn’t seem to know what to do with them when they are free.  In so many shows we see the men as conquerers and the women as the ones whispering in their ears how to rule…it’s interesting to see that she is the opposite.  Then the whole her having to go live in a monastery thing is lame ass.  She goes there, gets broken out, whatever…lamo.

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