Vstar 1300

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For the past couple years I’ve had this annoying squeak coming from my bike.  It’s taken me a little bit of time, due to lack of interest, to track down the issue.  Last year I came to the conclusion the problem was a loose nut on the front pully for the drive belt.  There is a big nut, with a washer that holds the pully on…apparently over the years this has worked itself loose.

At the time I looked in the manual to try and find the size of that nut.  I was suppose to be 30mm, I ordered one and it didn’t fit.  30mm is too small.  Naturally this pissed me off and I didn’t come back to look at it.

This spring the noise has gotten louder and louder.  I decided this needs to be addressed asap.  I’m sure it’s a little bit of a safety issue, but it’s also annoying.  I pulled the side covers off again and tested, yep 30mm i still too big.  I found that last fall I acquired a larger metric socket to take the cover off of the oil filter for the f250.  By some odd coincidence this is also the correct size for the nut on my bike….weird.  It was only a 3/8″ drive socket…as the oil cap isn’t generally that tight.  I was hoping to be able to use my air impact on the bike to get it tightened up enough, but that requires a 1/2″ socket.  I used a 3/8″ breaker arm as well as a cheater bar and was able to crank that som biatch down tight as can be.

I slapped the sides back on and took it for a quick jaunt up and down the road…no squeak.  I haven’t had time to really give it a shake down yet, but hopefully this will take care of that small annoyance.

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