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It’s been a long time since I’ve spent any real amount of time playing video games.  I have enough free time to play a bit, but for the most part I’m not terribly interested in them anymore.  Sports games have gotten so complex they aren’t even fun for me anymore and the only type of video game I really liked were Diablo type hack and slash games.  Games where the goal is to plow through enemies, collect loot and the progression is pretty straight forward.  I used to dig on zelda type open world puzzle games, but I spend my days at work figuring out puzzle’s the user’s throw at me…so when I get home I want mindless entertainment.

I bought a PS4 last summer, I was looking for a way to unwind during a stressful stretch.  I downloaded “God of War”.  I’d read reviews about the god of war games over the years and it seemed like something I’d dig on.  Lots of hack and slash with brutal kills..etc.  When I bought it I think it was around 10 bucks or so.  Grinding through it probably got me 15ish hours of playing..which is a pure guess.  There aren’t many forms of entertainment that you can do for less than a buck an hour.  I could up the difficulty and trudge through it again…but I’m not feeling the urge at this point.  Also another significant problem for me is that I really like playing video games…but I am horrible at them.  Words can’t express the level to which I suck at video games.  Any twitch games like first person shooters I can’t play from jump street.  They make me motion sick plus…I’m horrible at sighting things and moving the head with the body…I just can’t put it all together.  I’m running one direction, my head is turned 120 degrees the wrong way and blamo I’m blown to bits.  I’m pretty good at diablo type games though, ones where you go in to battle and have to figure out how to straight kill tons of enemies, swap out weapons, toggle through spells and are pulled back in to a 3rd person view…that works out really well for me.

I’ve since bought a few other games, Witcher 3, PGA tour golf, Darksiders, Bloodborne, Dante’s Inferno, NBA ’15, Need for Speed…plus I have a ps4 plus membership so I download whatever monthly free game they have going on.  For the most part they dont’ really trip my trigger.  Of the games listed above, PGA Tour is probably the one I spent the most time on.  It’s a straight forward golf game…it’s fun, doesn’t have some screwy difficulty levels or puzzles to figure out.  The graphics are tight…it kills some time.  I thought I’d dig on Witcher 3, but man what a puzzle and not nearly the type of fighting I was hoping for.  I don’t know how many hours are average for this game…but it would keep me busy for probably the next year.  For some reason though it’s just not pulling me in to it.  I’m having a hard time buying in.  I got lost at some point and just decided to say to hell with it.

Last year I picked up on this demo for Nioh.  It’s from “team ninja”, the guys being the ninja gaiden games starting in about 2004.  Not the old old ninja gaiden released for NES, but the ones released for the PS3 & Xbox.  I downloaded the demo and it was enough to keep me interested but didn’t blow me away.  Time passes and I kinda forgot about the game.  Then it was released the beginning of February with some pretty solid press and reviews.  It caught my interests but I generally do not buy new games.  I’m not horribly down with spending 60 bucks for something I may or may not like.  I usually wait for them to be discounted to mid 30’s.  We had a couple of significant storm days recently, myself and the kids were stranded in town…the wife at the farm.  I was fortunate enough that I did have my ps4 in town so I grabbed that and camped out at my mother’s place for a couple days.  I played some golf…then decided since I was going to be there for a bit I had time to dedicate to a game…I pulled the trigger on Nioh.

I’ve been playing this game on and off for a few days now and it’s pretty damn good.  I’ve probably missed out on other games that are similar in style but this is the first one that’s hit my radar.  The combat is pretty intense.  You can’t jump in to a pile of enemies and hack your way through.  There is a stamina bar that you have to keep up…if it drains the character literally doubles over with his hands on his knees and starts panting.  The same thing happened to NPC’s.  You can’t take a ton of damage either, something like 3 or 4 hits will kill you, on some of the tougher “mini bosses” it’s a one hitter quitter.  I spent about 2hrs or so on this game last night and I literally inched forward.  I’m not sure how many hours total I have in to it yet, but I’m not even through the first mission.  I think I’m close to the end of it…but it’s a grind.  I was getting pissed off about it in the beginning but as I’ve gotten more accustom to the combat system and learned how to navigate through things it has become more and more fun…even though the enemies are still kicking my ass.

You can build your character through stat points, samurai skills, magic, guardian blessings and loot.  There is so much loot…sooo much…most of it is junk but there is some that you have to make a decision about.  One of the biggest factors is weight.  All of your armor goes towards how much weight you can carry.  If you go over max capacity your stamina and movement speed goes to virtually zero.  You can’t reasonably go over weight…there’s no way to be effective.  This causes you to have to make some choices to lose stats here to put another piece on to gain stats…it’s pretty cool.  I’m still learning about the stats and samurai skills…and I know nothing about the magic yet.  I dunno if I don’t have access to it yet or if I’m just missing out on how to use it.

In any case this game is a blast.  It was well worth full price…which I don’t think I’ve ever said about a game.  I can see this thing taking me many many hours to get through.

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