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Last year I tried my hand and building a “mudding” quad.  I started with an 07 arctic cat 700 efi.  This model has a suzuki engine instead of the later H1 cat engines.  With this engine I was able to swap out the injector to the larger 109r suzuki injector as well as install a copperhead vdi ecu.  I also snorkeled the machine and relocated the radiator to the top of the rack.  It took me quite awhile to do all of this and at the end there was a little bit of a rush to finish.  Because of this, I didn’t properly seal up some components.  Now unfortunately that is coming back to bite me in the ass.

The snorkels are working fine and the injection mapping is doing alright.  I’m sure I could tinker with this endlessly, but at some point I need to be satisfied with the performance.  From a dead stop, if I floor it she’ll bring the front end up and go right over backwards.  She’ll do 60mph with my fat ass on it…so I think that’s good enough.

The issue I’m having now is, I think, the plug wire is shorting out when it gets wet.  The machine will die if I hit a little bit of water full blast making it splash everywhere.  There is no way it’s sucking in enough water to kill it and from everything I can see it has to be a wet or grounded plug wire.  The design of the arctic cat pug boot is a little screwy.  The boot is angled at 90 degrees where the wire goes in and it faces forward in such a way that it catches the water when it splashes up.  I have dielectric grease under the cap, but I didn’t grease up where the wire goes in to the boot.  I’m pretty sure that’s where the problem lies.  I’ll grease that up a bit and then wrap some electrical tape around it to seal it up better.

The wench is also not mounted in the best way.  The wench itself is solid on the front of the machine, but I didn’t splice it in to the ignition so that it only works when the key is on.  As it sits now, it constantly has power.  Also, the solenoid is just “tossed” in the glove box under the handle bars.  It’s not going to damage anything, but it should be mounted firmly against the frame somewhere.

The shitty part about these problems is that I’ll have to take off the front fenders to appropriately address them.  To do that I’ll need to drain the coolant and remove the radiator…such a pain in the ass.  I think I can get at the plug wire if I remove the front tire and disconnect the shift lever.  It’s not going to be ideal, but it should work.  At some point in the near future I do want to tear it down again and redo the ends of the snorkels.  They come up very high, and after playing with it a little bit I think I can reasonably cut that down a bit.  I am not going to be doing the big water like you can find on youtube.  If I can go through some water that is up to the seat…that’s plenty.

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