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I didn’t think I was really able to get too excited about football anymore…then the 2017 draft happened.  I generally don’t watch the draft, I might flip over around when my team would pick or look at a ticker while I’m doing something else.  I really don’t dig them moving it from Saturday/Sunday to Thursday – Saturday.  I’d love the first round to be Friday night…but I digress.

What in the hell were the bears thinking?  There is clearly no plan at the management level.  That’s the biggest problem with the whole thing, there is no god damn plan.  They sign on Glennon for 3 years 45m, 18.5m guaranteed.  It works out to be basically a 1 year contract.  That’s fine money for a QB you expect to generate some wins.  Teams have to over pay for a starting QB, the market is thin…Glennon might not be worth a damn, I don’t know…but @ 18m you damn sure better be committed to him.

Then we get to the draft.  The bears pick 3rd.  They decided to trade up to the 2nd spot from the 49ers swapping 1’s, giving up a 3rd, 4th and 3rd next year…and with that 1 god damn spot move they picked up a 13 start QB from North Carolina.

I don’t care that they picked a QB to develop, I don’t even care that they pick him in the first round…the problem is the value of all the other picks they are giving up to make this happen.  There were a few QB’s in this draft, but none of them seemed to be knock it out of the park guys.  The Chiefs traded up to pick up a QB…so there is some perceived value in these guys.  At the 3, lets assume the 9ers or someone picks Trubisky and the bears are left with all the other QB’s.  Is Trubisky that much better than the rest?  There simply isn’t enough data on this guy to say that he is worth that much more over the next man up.  It’s all on “feeling”…you can’t run a god damn business on “feeling”.  Add in the 18m committed to Glennon and you have what looks like mismanagement of resources.

We know this year is going to be a dog for the bears, not really a playoff contender and going through a rebuild for the millionth time.  If they knew they were going for a QB, why not sign a scrub for 9m, devote the financial resources to free agency and then give up the picks if you need to for this QB.  Even if that happened, I’d still question the value of giving away picks/resources on a QB that doesn’t look like a lock and there are other comparable QB’s that will be available without giving up anything.  It seems like a very simple business move that guys who are suppose to be business men failed at.

It has come out now after the draft that the call for a QB was made from ownership…which, fine…but still make the better value decision.  The 9er’s need a QB, shanahan is regarded as a solid offensive mind with great skill at developing a QB and they wanted to trade down without taking one….that should tell teams what’s up.  With so many needs it’s tough to justify mortgaging the farm for just 1 guy, whom the data does not support is worth the price.

I’ve been down on the bears for a bit, I’ve been on wax that ownership needs to change.  This decision highlights that thought.

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