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I was pretty interested in watching the season finale of GoT.  Mainly I didn’t want to see any spoilers before I got a chance to check it out, so I did a “free trial” of HBO on amazon channels for this episode.  You get a free trial for 7 days, then they charge you 14.95/mo.  I cancelled last night after The show was over.

Spoilers for everything here, don’t read if you want to be surprised.

One of the high points of the episode came in a twist with sansa, arya and little finger.  Since arya came back to the north there has seemed to be friction between her and sansa.  Little finger has been working his ass off to manipulate sansa in to some sort of confrontation with her sister.  I assume he’s expecting sansa to be the victor then he can manipulate her more?  If arya wins I guess there might be a power vacuum he could move in on…dunno how he’d plan on playing that out.  I don’t se how he’d plan on controlling arya.  She seems so bitter and filled with hate and murder for the world I don’t think she’d be interested in ruling or letting anyone in.  We see a scene where little finger is giving sansa one last push to turn on arya, she looks full on like she’s bought in to the need for arya to be eliminated.  Arya gets brought to the throne room with a shit load of guards around here…and I figured we were going to be in for the season finale blood bath.  I expected arya to come out on top and kill sansa.  As sansa is reading the charges, she flips it and accuses little finger of everything she’s said.  From the look on arya’s face, she’s in on the flip.  So at some point, off camera, these sisters have talked or worked out that little finger is manipulating them.  They had to have bought in at one time or the scene in arya’s bedroom in a previous episode doesn’t make any sense.  Sansa found the masks, talks to arya about them, things seem awfully tense…but no one is watching.  There is no reason to try to fake it to get anyone to buy in.  Sometime between that scene and the scene in the finale they had a come to jesus and decided to get rid of little finger.  It was a decent way to work out this conflict with them.

The meeting in kings landing wasn’t horrible either.  I do think cerci bought in very early though.  She has a walking dead body guard…why would she give 2 shits about the “dead” coming from north of the wall.  Euron said, fuck it…i’m out, and walked off to sail his ships back to the islands…then cerci bought in to helping fight.  Jon saying he already swore to back dany blew the whole thing up, then seemingly the dwarf got cerci to buy in again.  Afterwards we see that she never intends to ride north, that she is letting everyone else ride off and is hiring mercenaries to take their lands while they are out.  Mercenaries that Euron is going to pick up and deliver to kings landing (or wherever they are attacking).

This was a pretty good turn and what you would expect out of that heartless bitch.  I thought initially her buy in was way too fast, but then she blew it up when Jon said he couldn’t commit to stay out of the fighting.  She stays true to her character and only cares about ruling the entirety of Westeros.  She seems to have a tough change of heart…all of it planned I’m sure.  Later as Jamie was preparing to move out troops, she lets him in on her plan.  It seems at this point that jamie is out…he took off, presumably to go fight with Jon and Dany or at the very least let them know of her plan.  The character looks to be on the road to redemption at that point, in some form or another.  I’m curious to see how this plays out.

Theon has a fight with some other iron island soldiers to try and convince them to back him in recovering his sister.  This fight makes no sense.  He spends the first 2/3 getting the living hell beat out of him, then at the end when his opponent knees him where his nuts used to be, not once but three times…it acts as some sort of video game type power up and theon beats his face in.  I thought maybe through his unwillingness to stay down and continue to get beaten maybe the other soldiers would intervene on his behalf or something…but no he pulls off some goofy ass win out of no where.  It was a poorly scripted fight IMO.

At this point we can see that in season 8, theon will be trying to get his sister back from Euron and potentially stop or severely hinder the troop movement back to westeros.  The big problem I have with that is episode time remaining.  We are told there are going to be 6 episodes in season 8.  That doesn’t give us much time to see this confrontation develop and resolve.  You assume that theon is going to die, gaining some redemption for his sins…and I doubt he’ll stop the invasion but maybe he’ll hinder it.  Sacrifice his life to save his sister who rallies the men to stop the troop transport?

Then we have the scene with Jon porking Dany.  We knew it would come at some point, I had always assumed that’s what “Song of Ice and Fire” referred to, so there is really no surprise here.  What really pisses me off is how spoon fed and beat over the head we are with this “jon is a targaryn” bullshit.  My god, it’s been hammered in to us episode after episode, multiple times.  Now we have bran and sam doing a shitload of exposition over top of watching jon and dany get down and dirty.  This is where the show goes all soap opera to me.  Yes, they are related, yes we knew they were going to hook up…whatever.  We’ve been watching an entire series of a brother and sister boinking…nothing new here.  Targaryn’s routinely marry relatives…wasn’t a big deal.  We knew that jon is not actually a bastard, even of the south…he’s a legit child in the ruling line.  We know this…why did it have to be shoved down our throats?  It was interesting to hear sam say, “there was a marriage”.  Then bran go all time hopper and watch it happen.

Then the final scene with the ice dragon nuking the wall.  It was somewhat impressive and disappointing all at the same time.  I thought there was always some sort of spell surrounding the wall that kept the dead north.  Apparently that just went up with the physical destruction of the section of wall?  I did not dig the night king riding the dragon.  In the previous episode he was shown to have some sort of control over all the troops, why does he actually need to be on the dragon’s back?  It doesn’t necessarily look cool…it probably just solidifies him as the 3rd rider?

Overall, I was very disappointed in this season.  I think they sacrificed too much story and elements that made GOT stand out from the other mindless shit on tv, in the interests of getting it done.  I understand that it costs a truck load of money to produce these episodes and maybe they are at the tipping point of where they are not making any money…but not finishing would cost them subscribers and revenue, why knows.  It would have been really nice if it could maintain the quality all the way through it’s run.  These is enough material here for 12 seasons of 10 episodes each and not have any dry episodes…but since we’ve only got 6 left I’m going to make my calls…

Dany dies.  I had previously thought the song of ice and fire referred to jon and dany hooking up and ruling westeros, I know think it only refers to jon.  I think somehow dany dies..maybe jon has to kill her for some mystical reason…but I think she’s dead.

Jamie kills cerci…cause f’ that chic

Theon dies saving his sister, his sister stops the troop movement

I had thought that bran would warg in to one of the dragons and that jon would ride the ice dragon..given his resurrection, connection with both the north and south…etc.  I think Jon now rides the other living dragon.

Bran is the Night King…somehow.  I don’t know exactly how yet, but I think bran does some of his time travel stuff to see the knight king being created and he or part of him becomes the Night king.  This goes back a little to when he was told he would never walk again, but he would fly.  I’d assumed this meant he would warg in to animals that would fly…but he wargs in to animals and people that walk, yet he was told he wouldn’t walk. We see in the final scene the night king flying…we have no reason to believe that bran will do anything special to the living dragons given dany and jon should be able to ride them.  This only leaves one kinda out there but GOT style option.

We might not see season 8 until the end of 18 or early 19…I think that’s a load of BS.  Finish this thing up damn it!

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